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How to change your eating habits?

 How to change your eating habits?

   Today we are living in the time when everyone has a burning desire to follow certain ideal shown in the media. It relates mostly to teenagers. They usually opt for reaching this ideal by trying all possible ways. It isn't a wise decision. Many people suffer from a serious illness after attempts to become the ideal person. People should think ahead and consider all options when choosing a lifestyle.

   One of the most common problems is obesity. Lots of people who have overweight make a choice to go on a diet. However, it is a really tough choice because there are a huge amount of different diets. Some people take sb's advice but when it comes to choosing the right plan for you, I recommend you to arrive at a decision to discuss all of your options with a doctor.

   Remember, it is very important to find the diet which suits you the most unless you can get metabolism problems or eating disorder. I'm not a doctor but I strongly advise you to cut down on eating junk food which is full of food additives and calories. Moreover, try not to pass up the opportunity to have a hearty breakfast which is the most important meal of the day because it influents how we perform physically and mentally.

   All in all, think over what is your best way to change your eating habits and follow it!

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Creating a Company.

    You just have graduated from a university, you don't have any experience in working at all but most of the vacancies for which you' ve applied require a few years of experience, isn't it about you? So how can you get experience? We can help you to come up with a solution. Our young wedding company "This is your last chance" offers you a job. Our motto is: " We help you to make your wedding day all about you". Our company helps for alone people to find their love, plans their dates and arranges weddings. If you are open for offers you have the right to join our union.

   As for working conditions, you will work flextime. If you get the best out off other people you will get lots of bonuses or perks and it will help you to improve your career prospects. As a result, you will have a great opportunity to climb to the top of the career ladder.

   As we've just started to organize our company, we have a wide range of available positions.We are looking for a person who will be responsible for our website, also we offer a job for translators who will take on responsibility for working with foreigners and we are looking for animators, who will be good in using their own initiative in planning dates and weddings.

   To be taken on by our company you have to be a people person and a good team player. Besides, it would be nice if you have a "can do" attitude and are ready to master new skills.

   All in all, if you decided to apply for our vacancy, we promise you will have a fulfilling job and a brilliant career. We are waiting for you!


Dear readers😍

   Today I'd like to have a brainstorm with you about the state of modern education. It's a widespread belief that education system has lots of problems. Our current education system needs big changes immediately and there's room for improvement. However, the local government usually doesn't pay enough attention to this problem. Fortunately, there're some people who are a leading authority in this field and they are demonstrating an ability to change the situation.

   Firstly, I take the view that one of the most influential and important people in this field is Sugata Mitra. Recently I've listened to his speech "Build a School in the Cloud". I'm glad that we have some people who show considerable initiative to pick up education. Sugata Mitra is very diligent to help children falling behind with others and living in the bad conditionals to catch up. It's his firm conviction that all children should have an access to education to develop and demonstrate their ability to do different tasks.

   Secondly, opinions are divided as to the fact that the modern culture of education is working against us. Ken Robinson said that education is not a mechanical system. It's about people. We should put our thinking cap on how to do it better and give it the right direction of improvement. It's a common knowledge that kids become eager beavers easily with a broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents. So we have to choose a right direction to show a marked improvement and to go through an unpleasant time in education successfully.

   Finally, I honestly think the most important personas that can get down to improve education are teachers. They should have a proven ability for teaching and to be eager in making changes. Moreover, they have to cover a lot of ground in order to set an individual approach for everyone. Besides, teachers should be objective. No teacher's pet. Bear in mind to pay enough attention to everyone. Furthermore, we are living in the 21 century, so teachers should use modern tools to explain the material.  I subscribe to the theory that students should have a free choice of what they want to study and I take the view that the fewer students are in you class the more knowledge you will acquire.

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Appearance and Character. Relationships.

Hello, friends☺
Today I was trying to create my own comics. It's the first time for me) So, here you can see it ↓

The situation is: two ex-classmates are bumped into. Monica was pretentious, very sociable and a bit of a big-head. She was immaculately groomed every time. Besides, she was a teacher's pet. As for Lisa, she didn't dress elegantly. She was very intelligent and introverted. Moreover, Lisa was always jealous of Monica.
P.S. I had a problem with access to sources which was given, so I did it in another one.  

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Feelings, emotions, body language.

I'm delighted to write you again. This post will be related to feelings and body language. Frankly speaking, I really derive pleasure from looking out for people's emotions, gestures. However, it isn't easy for me to understand what each of it means. Sometimes I misinterpret some gestures and jump to a wrong conclusion about what it means and this is caused me to feel a bit frustrated. Obviously, many people try to bottle up their emotions, gestures because they know that body language can tell more about a person than words. Today lots of people are very vulnerable, anxious and they suppress their feelings from other. Moreover, they can wear their heart on their sleeve only with nearest and dearest. Well, I decided to disclose you a few photos with my friends in order to display their feelings.
1.In the picture above my teacher, groupmates and I have a sight of relief because our studying is over and a summer holiday is coming. 

2.Every time when I look at this picture I burst into laughter. This foto was taken in Berlin and it's my favourite. Here you can see how we jump for joy😂 We really were on cloud nine these days.

3. In this foto, my friend and I seem to be in high spirits because we've got our presents. Finally, we can unwrap it, therefore, we are in a state of euphoria.

4. In this foto, Ira and I are very excited and have a great sense of achievement because we really want to see this part of the Berlin wall.

In addition, I want to show you a video from serial "iCarly". This serial was my favorite when I was at school. A few days ago I accidentally noticed it on the Internet and it made my day. Every time when I listen to this song I feel on the top of the world because I start to remember my school days and it makes me inspired to do my best now.

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Sherlock. Сomics. Communication.

Latin. Word families. Word formation.

   Hello, my audience
   Today I want to give you a chance to explore the importance of  Latin.

   First and foremost, you should take into consideration that Latin is a foremother of all languages. Therefore, we can see a lot of examples of Latin influence in every language. It is visible that English contains a lot of words which transformed from Latin. They have formed from Latin roots or prefixes.

    Secondly, I am sure you have heard that Latin is a dead language. So, it could impress you that in Germany's aristocratic circles are very popular to speak Latin. It means that to know Latin is very beneficial especially for young generations of people.

   In conclusion, do not consider learning Latin to be exhausing. Just respect it and you will be successful. Remember, you have the opportunity to help the dead language to revive.

    I've chosen a text from Upstream SB unit 7 p. 122-123