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Going Green

   Our Earth is our home. We think that we treat the Earth well. However, for the recently thirty years we've totally changed the environment and this has led to irreversible climate change. We used to take advantage of nature and mindlessly waste natural resources. However, It is absolutely vital to change our ways. It's extremely important to raise a human environmental awareness. At the first sight,  it seems to be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are people who have a good knowledge of planet issues. They are trying to find long-term solutions how to protect the environment.  It is my firm conviction that these people are the recipe for an environmental catastrophe.

   One of the most important problems today is a global warming. Global warming is a process when the temperature soars above the average. It generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere. In fact, 85% of the global energy consumption takes fossil fuels which are oil, coal and gas. Using these natural resources as an energy is very harmful to the environment. We have to find a solution how to prevent global warming. To respond to global warming we need to reduce our carbon footprint and to find an energy supply that has no carbon release. The most appropriate type of alternative energy sources is wind power. This is a kind of sustainable low-carbon energy. I take a view that wind power can help us to offset carbon emission. At present offshore wind farms accounts for only about 1% of overall global energy production but it is growing rapidly and in the foreseeable future it'll become a major producer of low-carbon energy.

   If you ask me which green policies and practices I'd like to see implemented in my country I usually recall a video about ecovillage experiment which I've recently seen. Ecovillage is a small village where people who are living in the eco-homes are contained community that is trying to live ecologically and harmoniously. The basic principle of ecological living is to close the circle, to make the human system compatible with the ecosystem. People who are living in such villages cultivate many different plants even that which are on the verge of extinction in order to protect biodiversity. They prefer using eco-friendly design and biodegradable packaging. This village gives us the basic principle of living. I honestly think that it would be a good decision to imply this idea in Ukraine.

   To sum up, if we don't want to face dire consequences, we should remember that the Earth is our home and it depends on us what it will be like.

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Breaking news

   Recently, at National University of "Ostroh Academy" has been holding an annual celebration of sport and health "Recreation 2017". This event attracted lots of attention so it was not a controversial decision to make this news front-paged. Our magazine has run this story in order to keep our readers informed about the latest news at University.

   It emerged that "Recreation 2017" is a sports competition between faculty teams. Rumor has it that this has been the most important sports during the whole year. I fully accept this fact. This celebration is in the full glare of publicity."Recreation 2017" is a kind of an even which unites all students because in the competition take part not only sports teams but also cheerleaders and supporters who have a significant impact on a turn of events.

   In order to reveal a secret what was behind the scenes, I have taken exclusive interviews with participants. Arthur Palkanynets, the member of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic languages, sad that he is feeling a bit humiliated because his team failed to win. Moreover, he let me in on a secret that their team is going to win next year. Natalia Androsyuk, who presented a course of fitness, spoke highly of competition organizers. She heaped praise on them and sad that everything was organized at the highest level.

   All in all, it is needless to say that we all are looking forward to hearing about the celebration of "Recreation 2018"!

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Her history

   I am sure in everyone's life comes a minute when you are thinking about what have been before you? What is lying behind the history? These are really important questions because we usually miss this point. We do not give enough attention and respect for those who have made remarkable achievements for us. We are just living and enjoying the fruits of one's hard work. If to talk about people who made useful contributions, it is difficult to stand up for only one.

   In my survey of the greatest Britons, Diana, Princess of Wales is ahead of all the English Royal family throughout history. To my mind, she creates a very good impression. Diana, as the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, caused a sensation. After her marriage, The Princess of Wales quickly took the official duties on behalf of the Royal Family very seriously. She was one of the world's most high-profile, most photographed, and most iconic celebrities. She set up lots of voluntary organizations in order to come in useful. During her marriage, the Princess was president or patron of over 100 charities and had a lot of influence on them. The Princess did much in order to produce the result and to publicize work on behalf of homeless and also disabled people, children and people with HIV/Aids.  She had a major impact on publicizing the plight of people with AIDS.The Princess's charity work helps her to win the respect of the public.

  The wedding of Lady Diana and the Prince of Wales was the love story of the decade. However, hopes were dashed and the success was not guaranteed. This seemingly-perfect fairy-tale was destined not to have a storybook ending. The marriage broke down. The couple's separation and divorce seriously damaged the monarchy itself and provoke an outcry.

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   In everyone's life will come a time when parents stop giving you pocket money. From this time you start to keep track of your outgoings on your own. This situation really concerns me. In order to be ready for it in future, I decided to take a challenge in the game "SPENT".

    It's a game which teaches you how to spend money properly. The game begins with the fact that you're broken and have to find a job which will give you a steady income. Firstly I thought that I can become well off with a job that I've chosen but when it comes to installments I couldn't even pay them off.
 My money was tight and  I had to tighten my belt. I tried to make cutbacks and to go cheap but this didn't help me to live more than a month.
So, I  recommend you to try this game. I strongly believe that it will help you understand that money doesn't grow on trees.

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How to change your eating habits?

 How to change your eating habits?

   Today we are living in the time when everyone has a burning desire to follow certain ideal shown in the media. It relates mostly to teenagers. They usually opt for reaching this ideal by trying all possible ways. It isn't a wise decision. Many people suffer from a serious illness after attempts to become the ideal person. People should think ahead and consider all options when choosing a lifestyle.

   One of the most common problems is obesity. Lots of people who have overweight make a choice to go on a diet. However, it is a really tough choice because there are a huge amount of different diets. Some people take sb's advice but when it comes to choosing the right plan for you, I recommend you to arrive at a decision to discuss all of your options with a doctor.

   Remember, it is very important to find the diet which suits you the most unless you can get metabolism problems or eating disorder. I'm not a doctor but I strongly advise you to cut down on eating junk food which is full of food additives and calories. Moreover, try not to pass up the opportunity to have a hearty breakfast which is the most important meal of the day because it influents how we perform physically and mentally.

   All in all, think over what is your best way to change your eating habits and follow it!

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Creating a Company

    You just have graduated from a university, you don't have any experience in working at all but most of the vacancies for which you' ve applied require a few years of experience, isn't it about you? So how can you get experience? We can help you to come up with a solution. Our young wedding company "This is your last chance" offers you a job. Our motto is: " We help you to make your wedding day all about you". Our company helps for alone people to find their love, plans their dates and arranges weddings. If you are open for offers you have the right to join our union.

   As for working conditions, you will work flextime. If you get the best out off other people you will get lots of bonuses or perks and it will help you to improve your career prospects. As a result, you will have a great opportunity to climb to the top of the career ladder.

   As we've just started to organize our company, we have a wide range of available positions.We are looking for a person who will be responsible for our website, also we offer a job for translators who will take on responsibility for working with foreigners and we are looking for animators, who will be good in using their own initiative in planning dates and weddings.

   To be taken on by our company you have to be a people person and a good team player. Besides, it would be nice if you have a "can do" attitude and are ready to master new skills.

   All in all, if you decided to apply for our vacancy, we promise you will have a fulfilling job and a brilliant career. We are waiting for you!


Dear readers😍

   Today I'd like to have a brainstorm with you about the state of modern education. It's a widespread belief that education system has lots of problems. Our current education system needs big changes immediately and there's room for improvement. However, the local government usually doesn't pay enough attention to this problem. Fortunately, there're some people who are a leading authority in this field and they are demonstrating an ability to change the situation.

   Firstly, I take the view that one of the most influential and important people in this field is Sugata Mitra. Recently I've listened to his speech "Build a School in the Cloud". I'm glad that we have some people who show considerable initiative to pick up education. Sugata Mitra is very diligent to help children falling behind with others and living in the bad conditionals to catch up. It's his firm conviction that all children should have an access to education to develop and demonstrate their ability to do different tasks.

   Secondly, opinions are divided as to the fact that the modern culture of education is working against us. Ken Robinson said that education is not a mechanical system. It's about people. We should put our thinking cap on how to do it better and give it the right direction of improvement. It's a common knowledge that kids become eager beavers easily with a broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents. So we have to choose a right direction to show a marked improvement and to go through an unpleasant time in education successfully.

   Finally, I honestly think the most important personas that can get down to improve education are teachers. They should have a proven ability for teaching and to be eager in making changes. Moreover, they have to cover a lot of ground in order to set an individual approach for everyone. Besides, teachers should be objective. No teacher's pet. Bear in mind to pay enough attention to everyone. Furthermore, we are living in the 21 century, so teachers should use modern tools to explain the material.  I subscribe to the theory that students should have a free choice of what they want to study and I take the view that the fewer students are in you class the more knowledge you will acquire.